Services Offered

Professional Golf Lessons, Coaching, & Services Offered

  • *30 Minute Private Lesson                                               $50
  • *60 Minute Private Lesson                                               $80
  • 60 Minute Private Lesson + V1 Video swing evaluation  $200
  • *2 Hour Short Game School                                            $150
  • (Chipping-Pitching-Sand-Long & Short Putts)
  • *Series of  6 x 60 Minute Private Lessons                     $400      $480 Value
  • *Series of 12 x 60 Minute Private Lessons                    $750     $1000 Value
  • *Coaching for One year (Family + 1 Friend)                  $2,500  $13,100 Value
  • *One year of Private Golf Lessons and Coaching for you and your immediate family and one friend. This includes an average of six lessons a week based on availability (I have no problem if there’s a few extra some weeks). Includes all types of lessons: Driving Range (some video), Full Swing, Chipping, Pitching, Sand, Putting and at least one 18-hole caddie service.
  • This is a $13,100+ value for almost 85% off so I can only offer 10 memberships per calendar year. I am hoping that everyone will take advantage of this incredible opportunity. I am also assuming that no one will abuse the program so that I can continue to offer it.
  • *Coaching for One year (Partial limited 2 times a week)   $1,200     $4,700  Value
  • *Coaching for One year (For One)                                     $2,000   $9,100 Value
  • *25 Minute Junior Lessons                                                    $25
  • *Series of 10 x Junior Lessons                                             $200       $250 Value
  • *18 Hole Professional Caddie Service/Playing Lesson        $300 (+Fee’s)           We will spend 30+ minutes after the round (hopefully over a beer or two) discussing your round in detail.
  • 18-hole Professional Caddie Service is another one of the services offered. I will play 18 holes with you or ride along in your cart (up to 5 hours) on the course of your choice. I will basically teach you how, what and where to think during your round. I will pick your clubs for you, read all of your puts & discuss what club is best to chip with and why. I will talk over with you the best strategy and course of action to get around all 18 holes to make the best possible outcome.
  • Your Caddie fee does not include any extra cart or green fees (if applicable and you decide to have me play) and possible charge for mileage (gas) if the course you choose is more than 20 miles away.
  • The player (you) are responsible for making all tee time arrangements and giving me (the caddie/PGA Golf Pro time to call ahead and clear it with the host Professional).
  • I recommend that we have some prior experience with each other (a prior lesson or two) before you call upon my professional caddie services!
  • For an additional fee of $100 (plus any tip :)) I will caddie for the entire group (under these circumstances I could not play and everyone in the foursome must be part of your group).
  • Keep in mind if I caddie for all players in the group, depending on pace of play and time constraints, there would be less personal attention for you.

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