Schedule Lessons

Please call me before you make any GROUPON purchases or if you have any Questions

(562) 964-8032

Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your lesson to get warmed up. Driving range balls and Clubs are not included in the lessons so please buy driving range balls or rent clubs in the Golf-Shop before your lesson unless we are just working on chipping or putting.

 Please sign up for an hour (1x 60 minute) or (2x 30 minute lessons, back to back). Please try to schedule lessons on the hour when possible as to not leave a 30 minute gap both before and after your lesson. Thank you

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2.  Log-In (Top right-hand side of the Calendar box)
  3. Create an Account (Name, address Cell phone #, e-mail, etc.)
  4.  **Make sure you push the create account button at the bottom of the page!
  5. Select Day (on the calendar itself)
  6. Select Lesson Type (From the drop-down Menu) (1x 60 Minute or 2x 30 minute)
  7. Select your desired time.
  8. Please text me when you arrive at Majestic and let me know what station # you are at. 562 964-8032

If for some reason the calendar does not load please go to  Type in Stephens in the instructor box