I take genuine pleasure in recommending Mr. Stephens as a first-rate instructor. Dave did much to improve my understanding of the golf swing, and the position of the club head through impact. One of the main difficulties of self analyzing is that there is a blind spot between what you perceive you doing with the club and what is actually occurring. In this connection, Dave has made me aware of this fact through the success I experienced over the past year. Indeed, I recommend Mr. Stephens with complete confidence.  Michael D. Martinez

I have been playing golf with my buddies every Thursday for about twenty five years. They all shoot in the Low to mid-90s on a regular basis. I had only broken a 100 twice. Several months ago one of the guys made a comment that no matter how hard I try I would never tie one of them no less beat them. I decided to take that comment a little personal (because it was) and do something about it.

After reading David Stephens’ bio on the internet I decided to see what he could do for me. He said my first lesson was free so what did I have to lose. (Right?) After my free lesson, David inspired me and showed me how to release some of my potential. Now after a few months of lessons I am proud to announce that 3 weeks ago I tied the guy who spouted off in the first place with a 93. Two weeks ago I beat them all (yes all 3) with an 88 (that’s right I broke 90) This week the score card looked like this 94, 92, 92 and I shot 81…! (With a triple bogey on the 17th) My person best and beat all of those guys by at least 11. (You should have seen the look on their faces)

I do realize that golf is an inconsistent sport and you can only improve so much but I can’t wait for next week!

Thank you David   B Ransfer, Carson, CA

After 10 years of shooting 86 almost every round (with the occasional 79 and 92 mixed in) I decided to get “unstuck.”  I interviewed some local teaching pros and decided to go with David Stephens.  He has a laid back attitude and took the approach of working with my current swing instead of completely re-tooling my stroke.  We started with grip changes that took several months for me to come to terms with.  We then worked on my swing and shortened my back swing, increased the angle at which I strike the ball, and working on hitting the ball first with divot after the strike.  After several months my handicap soared upwards from 11.0 to 12.6.

Over the next 6 months, as things started to come together, I began to develop a consistent draw that I’d always dreamed of and am happy to report my most recent handicap of 9.0.  Even more exciting is a recent personal best score of 74 (with a three putt on the 18th hole) at Skylinks in long beach.

I continue to enjoy working with David and highly recommend him for anyone else out there who wants to get “unstuck” from wherever they are.

Andrew Wittenberg


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